potentiality / generation

2015, movie

There is a game board and two persons who don't what they play is facing. Or, they each thinks the rule of the game the opponent does. Movements of the pieces is restricetd on physics, end common. Because they commons materials. Although, they are not abelt to know what the opponent plays with movements of the pieces. That's about the game.
We are facing above the game board like that.

- EnJoe Toh "This is A Pen"

Abnormal game (...) (1) There's no pre-existing rule, and the rules are invented every move, and moves are written in the very rules. (2) That does not divide accidents to make these moves realistically distinguished of a certain number, the gather of moves affirm the accidents as whole and always branch them off into each move. (3) Therefore, moves are not distinguished realistically or numerically. They are distinguished qualitatively, but become qualitative forms of the unique casting on ontology. (...) Each move manipulates constellation or distribution of singulalities. (...) Now, this is the game of problems and questions not categoricals and hypotheticals. (...) Conceptual games we are relating have no choice but to be thought and besides operated as non-sense. Exactly, conceptual games are reality of thinking itself.

- Gilles Deleuze "Logique du sens"