Solo Exhibition 'Blind', at TALION GALLERY, 2021.2.13-3.14
Manzai Show 'Extravacances', at Kitasenju BUoY, on 2021.1.24
Critical Review 'Is curation is translation or ‘tranquilisation'?' for Exhibition 'Translations' at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, in BT Web, 2020.1.15
Lecture 'Installation and Architecture: About re-spacing of space' in ManyConference, online on 2021.1.16 17:00-19:00
Lecture 'Re-Spacing of Space: How Installation Artworks are Created' in ART RESEARCH ONLINE, online on 2020.12.27 15:00-16:00, and the archive video available now
Critique 'Dancehall: (re)spacing of space' in ART RESEARCH ONLINE JOURNAL 2020.12, published on 2020.12.13
OPEN SITE 5 Juried Solo Exhibition 'Vacances', at Tokyo Arts and Space(TOKAS) Hongo, 2020.11.21-12.20
Interview by Contemporary Art Foundation(CAF) released on 2020.12.7
'Fiction of Quiz', held on 2020.12.12, 4th symposium of Fiction Research Project ‘Sekkasho
Critique 'On ’Natural’ness of Kissing, Suicide, or Distancing Alice: Essay on Naturalism of Play-Through of Videogame / On ‘Detroit: Become Human’' in Binder Vol.7 Issue: Nature, published by Cucurus in 2020.11
Talk Guest in 'Why YU Says Such a THING!? 3/Extra: In a Time to be Ghost Witnesses', video program for exhibition In a Time to be Great Thinkers released on 2020.10.28 online with Yuu Yamamoto
Archive of Group Exhibition 'In a Time to be Great Thinkers' with Ontayama and NAZE at TALION GALLERY from 10.10 to 11.8
Critique ''Non. Je suis Godot…' or 'Oui. Étrange, donc je le suis.': Laughter on ontology of Minoru Betsuyaku and Ken Shimura' in Eureka 2020.9 Extra Issue: Minoru Betsuyaku, published by Seido-Sha in 2020.8
Critical Gamebook or Playful Critique 'To Play / Through / Wall: with Videogame and Installation' in BT 2020.8: Game-Art, published by Bijutsu-Shuppan-Sha in 2020.7
Talk Guest in 'Art Game and Game Art Now', talk event for BT 2020.8: Game-Art, 2020.8.5 17:00–19:00 online with Akihiko Taniguchi, Shinji Matsunaga, who both participated the issue
Essay 'Auxiliary and Installation' in Nemuranaiki vol.5, published by Shoshi-Kankanbou in 2020.8
Exhibition 'Getting Lost' with Risako Okuizumi
Talk Guest in 'Why YU Says Such a THING!? 2', talk event for exhibition 9 Posters in TALION GALLERY, 2020.6.7 18:00–19:00 online with Yuu Yamamoto
Lecture 'What they call Statement in Contemporary Art' in REPLAY, lecture series moderated by Daisuke Kishii, 2020.6.3 19:30–22:00
Solo Exhibition ‘Breaking the Relation’ in 2020.2
Survey Thesis 'Narrative Never Goes Outside: Unnatural Narratology on Videogames' in LOOP vol.10' published by Sayusha in 2020.3.

Oops, yes okay, as far as I know, this website, maybe recently updated in 2020.10, introduces an artist Euske Oiwa, you know, with his works, writings and, ah I see, projects, well, including recent and forthcoming ones: