OPEN SITE 5 Juried Solo Exhibition 'Vacances', Tokyo Arts and Space(TOKAS) Hongo, 2020.11.21-12.20
Critique 'On ’Natural’ness of Kissing, Suicide, or Distancing Alice: Essay on Naturalism of Play-Through of Videogame / On ‘Detroit: Become Human’' in Binder Vol.7 Issue: Nature, published by Cucurus in 2020.11
Group Exhibition 'In a Time to be Great Thinkers' with Ontayama and NAZE at TALION GALLERY from 10.10 to 11.8
'Fiction of Magic', held on 2020.10.17, 3rd symposium of Fiction Research Project ‘Sekkasho
Critique ''Non. Je suis Godot…' or 'Oui. Étrange, donc je le suis.': Laughter on ontology of Minoru Betsuyaku and Ken Shimura' in Eureka 2020.9 Extra Issue: Minoru Betsuyaku, published by Seido-Sha in 2020.8
Critical Gamebook or Playful Critique 'To Play / Through / Wall: with Videogame and Installation' in BT 2020.8: Game-Art, published by Bijutsu-Shuppan-Sha in 2020.7
Talk Guest in 'Art Game and Game Art Now', talk event for BT 2020.8: Game-Art, 2020.8.5 17:00–19:00 online with Akihiko Taniguchi, Shinji Matsunaga, who both participated the issue
Essay 'Auxiliary and Installation' in Nemuranaiki vol.5, published by Shoshi-Kankanbou in 2020.8
Exhibition 'Getting Lost' with Risako Okuizumi
Talk Guest in 'Why YU Says Such a THING!? 2', talk event for exhibition 9 Posters in TALION GALLERY, 2020.6.7 18:00–19:00 online with Yuu Yamamoto
Lecture 'What they call Statement in Contemporary Art' in REPLAY, lecture series moderated by Daisuke Kishii, 2020.6.3 19:30–22:00
Solo Exhibition ‘Breaking the Relation’ in 2020.2
Survey Thesis 'Narrative Never Goes Outside: Unnatural Narratology on Videogames' in LOOP vol.10' published by Sayusha in 2020.3.

Oops, yes okay, as far as I know, this website, maybe recently updated in 2020.10, introduces an artist Euske Oiwa, you know, with his works, writings and, ah I see, projects, well, including recent and forthcoming ones: