Exhibition ‘Emergency Call’ until the termination of the state of emergency ,
Solo Exhibition ‘Breaking the Relation’ in 2020.2 ,
'Fiction as Fiction', updated in 2020.4, 0th issue of Fiction Research Project ‘Sekkasho ,
Essay on Manzai(Japanese Duo Standup-Comedy) 'Cowardness and Tsukkomi: About Chidori, Thom Browne, Manju Dai-Teikoku and Pekopa' in 'Waseda Bungaku 2020 Summer issue', edited by Waseda Bungaku Henshuushitu, published by Chikuma-Shobo in 2020.5. ,
Project ‘Coup d’état: How to Read Statement’ in 2020.6 and 8 ,
Review, 'Narrative Suspense' for group exhibition 'Pangea on the Screen', updated in 2020.4, on WebBT ,
Survey Thesis 'Narrative Never Goes Outside: Unnatural Narratology on Videogames' in 'LOOP vol.10' published by Sayusha in 2020.3. ,

This website, recently updated on 2020.4, introduces an artist Euske Oiwa with his works, writings and projects including as recent and forthcoming ones: