Executioners Accompanists

2022, card game (cards with text and value)

*this is ver.1.0 and got renewed in 2022.10

準備 1. シャッフルしたカードを
2. 場札の枚数をきめておもて向きでおき
3. 手札として場札と同じ枚数ずつくばり
4. 山札として残りを伏せて始める
5. 場札と山札が尽きれば終わり
手番 6. 自分からおもてのみえる1枚をどれでもよみあげてそれをおこない
7. 手札が減れば場札より 場札が減れば山札より すぐにおぎなう

First of all, (1) shuffle all cards,
(2) pull out some cards onto the table face up,
(3) deal each the same number of cards hidden,
(4) put the rest as a deck face down,
(5) and the game starts and progresses by turns until the deck and the table cards run out,
(6) in your turn, you choose one card whose front side you can see and then read out and execute it,
(7) the hand is immediately refilled with cards from the table, and the table, from the deck.

Exhibition 'Number, Time, Age'


install support: Mari Shirakawa, Rioha Nishimura

archive photo: Sae Yuda