2016, novel installation


God is dead and also I am dying. Usually people who has been in a prison for handred years get schizoid, but he is still easygoing usually. Finally he is discharged, he says I am a jailer as soon as he get out, and he goes a glass interview as soon as he get out, at the end he affects a pigeon, and he says I would like to be would-be. We cannot stand with him and try to turn him out of door, but he quickly makes his way through, and says I was dead and then reborn uncarried. It's a reverse order. In that pure white cell, there was an earth-quake, and I got up on Futon, 'Of course it was one bedroom, but still it almost differs from a bedroom' - Maurice Blanchot, "At the Moment Wanted"

Prisoner wanna go to the wake, he says. Whose? I ask, he says mine. ... I see, 'Law what quit inscribing a death penalty may be not Law' - Jacques Derrida, "Maurice Blanchot is Dead"


囚人は通夜に出たいと云う。誰の? と訊き返せば、私の。と。……あ、たしかに、「死刑を書き込むことをやめた法律は法律ではないだろう。」(ジャック・デリダ『モーリス・ブランショが死んだ』)

Exhibition 'Prisoner wanna go to the wake'

5.13.2016-5.19.2016, at Art Space KOKONOKA

co-exhibitor: Shuntaro Yoshino

archive photo: Shuntaro Yoshino