A Suffocating Plan

2017, caption,

salt crystal in place of glass piece,

curtain covering windows, especially moving one at back side,

a riddle ("Why does a sneak thief never break into a beekeepers' house?") on a mug,

a movie on photoframe,

a Japanese traditional puzzle called "A Sheltered Girl",

a pillow cover,

footprint on floorplan,

a cup of tea without lemon nor milk

I find white lines on the floor when I get off an elevator and enter the venue. They looks like a floorplan of a house: a corridor, a dining-room, a restroom, and living room with windows. The living room has a sofa and television. The corridor leads to a stair to the upper floor.

Then I find a caption on the wall next to the elevator which I got off. It shows the overview of this floorplan with red lines. According to it, the place via which I entered to this venue does not corresponded the entrance of this house, but a window at the corridor. At my feet I find some white crystal, and a broom and dustpan which might have swept and gathered them. The caption says at its beginning:

Between entering via window and entering invitedly, what difference is about the inside of the house? Or was it still a house? My memory is vague.
- salt crystal in place of glass piece




Exhibition 'The Sun We See Here Shines in Other Place'

11.5.2017-12.24.2017, at View Gallery "Terrace Keikaku", Sapporo

curation: Riku Iioka