2016, installation

Nothing agrees, nothing is reflexive. Yes, I surely gave and recieved but no one can meet directly to anyone. Nowaday few people lick a stamp to stick. Communications are all para-communication. The only thing we can is looking, so they look-pass each other. There's conceit, not conceive. All are exclusive victims. Mass of corps. Victims have left dying-message on self conceit. The young dick, who counts bodies, deadly knives, chairs, fans, lettuce may-irrelevant on floor and etc., found it and cried out triumphantly. "Do not touch the evidence! Don't touch the message dying! Identification! Identification!" The video is broke off and rewound. "Do not touch it! Boss, look. It exactly signs the one!" The victims were foreign."Dead bodies are not objects."

"Every reading is ecriture."- Pierre Levy

Display is archi-appreciation, in short, murder in pleasure.




Exhibition 'Pleasure'

12.19.2015-1.24.2016, at Tokyo Wonder SIte Shibyta

archive photo: (c)Tokyo Wonder Site