They say that cat never dies even if it falls from a height of about fifth floor, yet is a domestic cat so?

2017, movie(19'30'')


This video is consist of nine lectures, ant the subject is cat. The lectures are spoken in order in Indonesian English with EN/JP subtitles, and each has own theme: “cat and height”, “cat and death”, “cat and box”, “cat and seeing”, “cat and grammar”, “cat and stepladder”, “cat and existence”, “cat and mouse”, “cat and accident.” Words in each speech is shared and are used at different meaning in each and remind each other, though the lectures are independent respectively.

The tiny black-and-white tube, which is put in a cardboard cat-house, shows alternatively the images of cats in public domain and the videos shooting cat in private. These are captioned each: “This cat is in public domain”, “This cat is in private domain.”

The video takes about 20 minutes and the voice is at a volume caught close by, so most of viewers sit on in front of the boxes and look in the display in the one. The video repeats.


猫用のダンボールハウスに収められた小さなブラウン管の画面は白黒で、そこにはパブリック・ドメインの猫の画像と、プライベートで撮影した猫の映像が交互に映し出される。それぞれの冒頭で、「この猫は公共の領地にいます(This cat is in public domain)」「この猫は私的な領地にいます(This cat is in private domain)」というキャプションが入る。


Exhibition 'Surfin'


voice: Linawati

archive photo: Kosuke Nagata