First of all, (1) shuffle all cards,
(2) pull out some cards onto the table face up,
(3) deal each the same number of cards hidden as many as the table,
(4) put the rest as a deck face down, then the game starts.
In your turn, (5) you choose one card whose front side you can see and then read out and execute it,
(6) the hand is immediately refilled with cards from the table, and the table, from the deck.
(7) When the deck and the table run out, the game ends immediately.
[Call me card game]

2022, 210 cards, rule

Latest: ver.2.0 [2022.9]

Latest manual [2023.1.1]: here

Available at Cafe & Bar USONO TOBACCO TEN on line and on store, TALION GALLERY, and honkbooks.

This card game has some expansions. More information here

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photo: Sae Yuda

coordinator[since ver.2.0]: Rioha Nishimura

ver.1.0 [name specified as Executioners Accompanists]

Exhibition 'Number, Time, Age'


install support: Mari Shirakawa, Rioha Nishimura




Exhibition 'Possible'


*with ver.1.0 in 'DEBUG' part / with expansion packs in 'INSTALL' part